Sermons on the Family

Sermons on the Biblical Family and Family Matters from Mercy Seat Christian Church.

Mothers as Counter-Revolutionaries. During the 1960’s and 70’s, a revolution took place in this country wherein the family came under attack. Prior to this family was defined along biblical terms. A father. A mother. Children. Till death do us part. The revolution attacked the biblical family. Redefined family. Employed the popular media to belittle and undermine Christian family. Used public policy; government laws to destroy, through force of law, every vestige of Christian family. No-fault divorce was introduced. The killing of one’s sons and daughters by the mothers through abortion was legalized. The floodgates of pornography were opened. A plethora of laws were passed and enacted which allowed the State to invade the domestic affairs of our lives.

A ‘revolution’ is defined by Webster, as “an unconstitutional overthrow of an established government.” In the case of this revolution of the 60’s & 70’s, it is God’s established government which has been overthrown by rebellious man. His Law – which was once reflected in the laws of our land – have been undone and replaced with laws which condone and implement life completely contrary to His economy. This is nothing short of revolution.

The elitists that groom and shape this nation and culture hate everything about God, hence, they hate the biblical family.

This brings me to the point of my sermon this morning – mothers as counterrevolutionaries. A ‘counterrevolution,’ as defined by Webster, is “a revolution intending to undo the results of a revolution.” The assertion in this sermon is that mothers, who live in obedience to God, are counter-revolutionaries to the God-hating culture which reigns in our nation in our day. Click here to listen to ta 47 minute sermon by Pastor Matthew Trewhella entitled Mothers as Counter-Revolutionaries.

The Ill affects of Perpetual Adolescence on American Society. It is my contention that America breeds perpetual adolescence amongst its people. We are a nation of people that refuses to grow up.

I Corinthians 13:11 states “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

In this text, Paul is referring to a natural phenomenon to make a spiritual application. It is natural to grow up. To become mature. To no longer act and think like a child. To put those things away and embrace responsibility, maturity, manhood, womanhood. And so it should be when it comes to spiritual matters is Paul’s point. In America however, not only is spiritual immaturity a problem, but natural immaturity is a problem.

Though some are beginning to realize and write about the problem of ‘perpetual adolescence’ in American society, few are able to isolate the causes. In this sermon, we look at three great causes for this situation – education, economics, and eradication.  Click here to listen to the 54 minute sermon by Pastor Matt Trewhella entitled The Ill affects of Perpetual Adolescence on American Society.

A History of Family Worship. Family Worship is critical to the governance of a godly home. Yet few practice it in their homes. This sermon looks at Scripture and church history to establish the validity and practice of family worship. The family has the primary duty to instruct children in the faith – not the Church or others.

“Where any one feels himself called of God to establish daily worship in his house, he should act with solemn decision. In this, as in a thousand other affairs of life, the shortest method is the best. Instead of parleying with objections, or waiting for some happy conjecture, or seeking to prepare the way by gradual approaches, or timorously sounding the opinions of those whose place it is to submit, let him, in reliance on God, without other preliminary, and without allowing another sun to set, call his family together, state his purpose in the very fewest terms, and carry it into immediate accomplishment.” -Pastor James Alexander, 1847 Click here to listen to the 49 minute sermon by Pastor Matt Trewhella entitled A History of Family Worship.

Pornography.  The Supreme Court case Miller v. California opened the floodgates of filth in 1973. Since then, men have been robbed of their manhood as they have drowned themselves in their sinful desires. The majority of men today wrestle with or in bondage to pornography (and a great host of women also). Pornography causes men to forget their role and duty. It causes them to compromise with evil in society. It neutralizes them and causes them to be silent and not speak out and defend their families. This sermon exposes the evil of pornography and gives a game plan to rid it from your life.  Click here to listen to the 38 minute sermon by Pastor Matthew Trewhella entitled Pornography.

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