Four Reasons for Criminalization - Homosexers and the Law

Four Reasons the Magistrates have a Duty to Criminalize Homosexual Acts

By Pastor Matthew Trewhella

We live in the midst of a Christianity that has been busy over the last 20 years rewriting 2000 years of biblical interpretation in order to embrace America’s new ethic – toleration of; acceptance for; and accommodation to – homosex.

The lack of biblical preaching on homosex and the proliferation of the new hermeneutic to accommodate it is disturbing.

As though these matters are not distressing enough – add to that the complete indifference of Christians in the face of homosexual acts being decriminalized in our nation. Stunningly, their slumber has continued even in the face of homosexual marriage being imposed and the promotion of opposite sexes to have availability to both bathrooms and shower rooms. All this has been done by the federal magistrates – primarily the federal courts.

This is no small matter. Homosexual acts were criminalized in Western Civilization for over 1500 years. Suddenly our generation sees things more clearly and discovers that such laws were discriminatory, draconian, and bigoted.

The unbelievers throw out the usual mantra – “Yeah, you Christians just want to put policemen in people’s bedrooms.” This is a total strawman argument.

Let me give you just four quick reasons why the magistrates have the duty to criminalize homosexual acts – there are more.

1. The magistrates should criminalize homosexual acts because God criminalized such acts in His law.

In Leviticus 20:13, God’s law plainly criminalizes homosexual acts. This sufficed for Western Man for over 1500 years so that our institutions in the West discouraged and criminalized homosexual acts. But now that our culture, our government, and even most of Christianity has thrown God’s law under the bus – suddenly we have this new ethic which encourages and legalizes homosexual acts.

2. The Magistrates should criminalize homosexual acts because God Himself destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their homosexual acts.

Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed because of inhospitality (this is part of the re-writing by so-called Christian men to accommodate homosex to Christianity). Read the narrative in Genesis 19 – what is the emphasis on? The fact that the men of the city wanted to sodomize the two angels.

The whole place was so given over to such filth – there was fresh flesh in town and they wanted a part of it. Inhospitality is not on the radar screen. Look at verses 5-8: Lot concludes that their desire to sodomize the two angels “is the reason they have come under the shadow of my roof.”

The New Testament writers agree. Jude says plainly that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because they had “given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh.” Again – it was the sodomy – not inhospitality. 2 Pet. 2:6-8 declares their behavior as “lawless, filthy, ungodly, and oppressive.”

The Church Fathers also repeatedly pointed to Sodom and Gomorrah as an eternal example of how such behavior ravages a society, corrupts a people, and invites the righteous judgment of God on a nation. (You can get a taste of their writings by listening to my sermon “Homosex, Scripture, and The Church Fathers”). Because of their teachings on Sodom and Gomorrah the magistrates from the 4th century on understood how important it was to suppress homosexual acts from the public venue.

3. The Magistrates should criminalize homosexual acts because the purpose of such laws and the last 15 years demand such a conclusion.

I have taught and preached the Word of God at many universities in America. Whenever homosex acts are brought up by someone and you declare such acts are sinful and should also be criminalized the unbelievers throw out the usual mantra – “Yeah, you Christians just want to put policemen in people’s bedrooms.” This is a total strawman argument.

The truth of the matter is: homosexual acts were criminalized in Western Civilization for over 1500 years and during that time there were never policemen in people’s bedrooms. The purpose of such laws – anti-sodomy laws – was to suppress the activity from the public venue.

Like any behavior that is criminalized – people are still going to do it. Sodomy was no different. Though it was criminalized – some people still sodomized each other down through the ages. Someone had to be very flagrant in their behavior however to be charged with it. The purpose of the laws was to keep it in the closet. To keep it out of the public venue.

Listen, look what we have learned in just 15 years since the Lawrence ruling by the Supreme Court which decriminalized sodomy. We can already see what happens when the magistrates do not suppress such behavior through law.

This perversion invades and pervades into every avenue of life and every age of life –  academic, legislative, judicial, commercial, residential, media-both news and entertainment. It is all-consuming. It is oppressive. It demands not toleration but affirmation and it uses the force of law to extract such from all in society.

This is another reason why the magistrates must criminalize homosexual acts – we have already seen what happens – in such a short time – when the magistrates don’t suppress such behavior through law.

4. True love – biblical love demands that such acts be criminalized by the magistrates.

We now live in a society that has redefined love. The love they teach is not biblical love – and most churches have embraced this unbiblical definition. Love has been redefined in this nation to mean acceptance of whatever someone else does – while in reality what is meant by that is simply to have indifference towards whatever someone else does.

First let me state: you cannot truly love your neighbor unless you love God. The love you demonstrate towards your neighbor is the result of love for God in your heart.  Jesus said – “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” We are His ambassadors. We make known His Law, Word, and Gospel.

We do not embrace the world’s definition of love. We do not act indifferent towards sin because that sin is in vogue. We do not give a pass to such sin because society says it is now acceptable behavior. True love states what is true. True love for both God and neighbor demands that we state what is true.

True love is not contrary to the law of God, rather, it is the fulfillment of the law of God (Rom. 13:8-10). Love is not an emotion as this world teaches. Love is an action. To know how to love your neighbor therefore – one needs to read the law and Word of God.

Our love for God is demonstrated in our love for our neighbor. Love for God is to obey His commandments. Love for our neighbor is to treat them according to God’s law and Word.

While this whole culture is trying to convince us to “love” men who sodomize each other and encourage others to do the same – I need to ask – do we have any natural affection left for our sons and daughters? Do we love others? Biblical love will tell the one practicing homosexual acts that he is wrong – and it will demand that the magistrates criminalize homosexual acts to protect others from being corrupted by the predatory practices of the sodomites.

Conclusion: When it comes to homosexual acts – such filth is part of this nation’s larger canvas of sexual immorality and perversion. Right now Americans view ‘freedom’ as connected to sexuality – in other words, you are free to practice whatever sexual licentiousness you prefer and I am free to practice whatever sexual licentiousness I prefer.  And we should not judge. All would do well to read E. Michael Jones book Libido Dominandi-Sexual license and Political Control.

The West faces only two options when it comes to the unleashing of homosex behavior in the nations – either the West will destroy itself or the magistrates will suppress the behavior. History teaches us it will be the former.  

What about revival – what about the church you say? We already know we can take that option off the table (at least until the West further denigrates itself) because the Christianity in the West is a whore. It has accommodated itself to homosex. Who would have ever thought that possible – a Christianity that could accommodate itself to homosex? But here we are.

The form of Christianity we have in America and throughout the West is a hybrid – it is not true Christianity. This is a form of Christianity that is incapable of reforming itself – and as such God must judge and destroy it. Judgement has begun in the house of the Lord.

Matthew Trewhella is the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church (

He and his wife, Clara, have eleven children and reside in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. You can listen to “Four Reasons the Magistrates have a Duty to Criminalize Homosexual Acts,” a sermon that covers these four reasons more thoroughly, at  You can read some of his writings at the websites or


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  1. JonathanJune 13, 2018

    So … if there won’t be revival and the magistrates won’t do their jobs … why bother writing about it?
    I guess ‘to leave a record’ is as good a reason as any. But it sure removes one’s zeal for trying to turn the situation around.


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