Four Reasons for Criminalization - Homosexers and the Law

Four Reasons the Magistrates have a Duty to Criminalize Homosexual Acts

By Pastor Matthew Trewhella We live in the midst of a Christianity that has been busy over the last 20 years rewriting 2000 years of biblical interpretation in order to embrace America’s new ethic – toleration of; acceptance for; and accommodation to – homosex. The lack of biblical preaching on homosex and the proliferation of...

Sermons on Egalitarianism and Feminism

Sermons on Egalitarianism and Feminism from Mercy Seat Christian Church. The Continued Egalitarian Attack Upon Holy Scripture. God is our Father. The Bible reveals Him as such and refers to Him as such repeatedly. But there is a move afoot (and has been for nearly 40 years now) to remove all reference to God’s maleness;...Continue reading

Sermons on Homosexuality

Sermons on Homosexuality from Mercy Seat Christian Church. A Response to the Obergefell Opinion. This sermon was preached in response to the June 26th, 2015, opinion by the Supreme Court regarding homosex marriage. The sermon responds to the opinion and offers guidance to Christians both corporately and individually as to how to respond and what...Continue reading

Back the General as Lesser-Magistrate

Sodomy, a Rogue Congress, and the Rule of Law by Rev. Matthew Trewhella In late December 1989, General Vasile Milea, who was the Romanian Minister of Defense, was ordered by Romania’s leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, to shoot demonstrators who opposed Ceausescu’s rule. The Romanian Revolution had commenced just a week earlier when secret police attempted to...Continue reading

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