Sermons on the Family

Sermons on the Biblical Family and Family Matters from Mercy Seat Christian Church. Mothers as Counter-Revolutionaries. During the 1960’s and 70’s, a revolution took place in this country wherein the family came under attack. Prior to this family was defined along biblical terms. A father. A mother. Children. Till death do us part. The revolution...Continue reading

Sermons: Government

Sermons on the Christian view of Government from Mercy Seat Christian Church. Election Sermon: The Duty of Lower Magistrates in the Face of Tyranny Election sermons were common in early America. During the first 100 years of our nation, many pastors preached every year what became known as “election” and “artillery” sermons. The pulpits were...Continue reading

Sermons on Egalitarianism and Feminism

Sermons on Egalitarianism and Feminism from Mercy Seat Christian Church. The Continued Egalitarian Attack Upon Holy Scripture. God is our Father. The Bible reveals Him as such and refers to Him as such repeatedly. But there is a move afoot (and has been for nearly 40 years now) to remove all reference to God’s maleness;...Continue reading

Sermons on Homosexuality

Sermons on Homosexuality from Mercy Seat Christian Church. A Response to the Obergefell Opinion. This sermon was preached in response to the June 26th, 2015, opinion by the Supreme Court regarding homosex marriage. The sermon responds to the opinion and offers guidance to Christians both corporately and individually as to how to respond and what...Continue reading

Sermons: Christian Living

Sermons on Christian living and the Christian life from Mercy Seat Christian Church. Love: The Mark of a Christian.  Francis Schaeffer wrote on this topic over 30 years ago – and yet, the message he wrote of back then is still needed today. Holiness without love is only harshness. Love without holiness is only compromise....

Sermons on the Kingdom of God

Sermons from the Kingdom of God series at Mercy Seat Christian Church. How God’s Kingdom Expands in the Earth. God does have a kingdom. His kingdom is here in the earth now. His kingdom is to expand in the earth. How does His kingdom expand in the earth? This sermon lists five ways through which...Continue reading

Sermons: Eschatology

Sermons on Eschatology from Mercy Seat Christian Church. An Exegetical Eschatology – The Mt. Olivet Discourse. The present popular eschatology has neutralized the Church, and our nation – and more importantly Christ’s kingdom – is reaping the bad fruit of 150 years of this aberrant teaching. This sermon goes through the Mt. Olivet discourse by...

Sermons: Church History

Sermons on Church History from Mercy Seat Christian Church, including A Defense of the Crusades, Katherine von Bora: A Labor Day Sermon, The Hounded and The Martyred (Luther and Hus) and Nicholas von Amsdorf - Champion of Magdeburg, available here.Continue reading

Sermons: General

Sermons on General Topics and Scripture from Mercy Seat Christian Church. Galatians 1:1-9 A Dire Situation. The book of Galatians is known as the Magna Carta of Christian liberty. By that, we mean liberty in the true sense of the word – freedom to meet with God not on the basis of any of our...Continue reading

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