The Anguish Of A Young Man In A Depraved America

“The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10

27 year-old Joel Robison was arraigned on Monday, February 26th, for the charge of attempted murder. Seems he made the mistake after checking himself into a hospital for severe depression of telling his doctor that a week earlier he had driven to the abortion clinic where his girlfriend had aborted their child in order to kill the abortionist. He changed his mind however, and did not do it.

The good doctor, in obedience to the state and as its agent, reported him immediately to the police. The District Attorney in San Mateo County in California, Steve Wagstaffe, proudly and dutifully decided to charge the distraught young man with attempted murder so that he is now looking at 17 years to life in prison. He is being held without bail in the San Mateo County Jail.

Some might find it easy to display indifference towards this dirty little fornicator, but others of us might find it hard to fault this young man when he has grown up in an America which lauds and glorifies sexual impurity. This lauding comes from all corners of our culture – from the school he attended, from news and entertainment media, and even from the rulers of our nation – the politicians themselves. Meanwhile most of American Christianity would never dream of instructing the young man – do not fornicate – lest they be viewed as judgmental and unloving. They choose to sit by in silence rather than address the abhorrent public policies our nation’s leaders propagate.

In fact what we find amazing is that even in the midst of such a depraved nation this young man still has enough vestige of manhood left in him that he knows the killing of his son or daughter by a paid assassin is something which needs to be made right. Unfortunately, he knows the State will not make it right. Rather, the State has given the paid assassin the license to kill. Not willing to go through with his initial inclinations, and vindication from the State being an impossibility, he checks himself into a hospital with severe depression

The State, which is willing to give any common thief or drug addict a pass if they will but check themselves in for rehabilitation, rewards this young man by putting him in jail without bail and a serious charge on his head though he has done nothing to anyone. This has happened because Joel Robison dared tamper with, however slight, the wicked rulers of this nations most holy grail – namely – the legal murder of one’s own offspring.

No mercy will be shown young Mr. Robison. No mercy for a young man who is clearly torn apart inside. No. He will be left to think something is wrong with him. That he would actually have concern about what happened to his child – that mass of indistinguishable cells – how bizarre is that?

And what of the church in America? It will remain indifferent towards this dirty little fornicator and leave him to languish in his misery. The misery he suffers for the sin of – if but just for a moment – thinking like a man.

From the San Francisco Examiner:

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