Back the General as Lesser-Magistrate

Sodomy, a Rogue Congress, and the Rule of Law

by Rev. Matthew Trewhella

In late December 1989, General Vasile Milea, who was the Romanian Minister of Defense, was ordered by Romania’s leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, to shoot demonstrators who opposed Ceausescu’s rule. The Romanian Revolution had commenced just a week earlier when secret police attempted to arrest Pastor Laszlo Tokes at his church and congregants blocked access to the pastor. Others soon joined the church members in this act of interposition which led to a nation-wide rebellion against the tyrant.

General Milea refused to obey Ceausescu’s order to shoot the demonstrators. He was declared “a traitor” by Ceausescu and on December 22, 1989, was assassinated for defying Ceausescu’s order.

Though Milea may not have known it, he was practicing the historic doctrine of the lesser-magistrate when he refused obedience to Ceausescu’s order. The lesser-magistrate doctrine is practiced when a magistrate or some lawful body is told by a higher authority to do something immoral or unjust, and they refuse to obey the immoral or unjust order, and/or actively oppose it.

A Vasile Milea is needed amongst America’s military generals today. On Saturday, December 18, 2010, the U.S. Congress passed a law to homosexualize America’s military – a raw attempt to further shove the filth of homosexual behavior down the throats of Americans. The military is right and just to disobey this immoral edict.

That those in the military have a duty to refuse immoral or unjust commands by their superiors has long been established within American military jurisprudence. The Andersonville Trial of 1865 made it resoundingly clear that a subordinate officer could not use “I was just following the orders of my superiors” as a defense for his participation in carrying out an immoral or unjust command.

The Nuremberg Trials of 1945-1946 made this standard clear to all the world

American military men have both a right and a duty to defy this immoral edict made by a rogue U.S. Congress and signed into law by their commander-in-chief. That America’s military men who disobey are just in their actions is sure. Just consider the situation at hand.

Our nation’s evil Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, said upon passage of repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ that allowing open sodomy would make the military more “professional.” Pray tell – how does allowing one man to stick his penis into the rectum of another man make the military more “professional?” That’s as absurd as Planned Parenthood always saying they’re “for” the family while they kill family members.

This edict is designed to demoralize and effeminize our troops. This is an act that an enemy power would make to subvert their foe, and make it more vulnerable to their designs.

It is important that when a military man refuses to comply with Congress and the President and stands in defiance of this immoral law, that we rally behind him because what he is doing is right and just.

When the mantra is thrown up (as it always is) “we must obey the rule of law,” we must repudiate it for the nonsense that it is. The rule of law for nearly 1500 years in Western Civilization was God’s Law. Over the last 100 years, rebellious men have undermined this fact. There is now no objective standard for the ‘rule of law’ as God’s Law has been thrown under the bus. Hence, the State now gets to make it up as they go. And as you can see, things are not going well.

The British jurist, William Blackstone, whose commentary on law shaped American jurisprudence and who was the second most quoted scholar by America’s founders, declared that “No enactment of man can be considered law unless it conforms to the Law of God.” Sodomy is a crime under God’s Law, and so sodomy was outlawed throughout all of Western Civilization.

If any general (or underling) stands in defiance of this immoral decree, those of us who love the only and true ‘rule of law’ need to support his efforts, even with our lives.

If Congress and the President continue in their rebellion and anarchy, the military should consider declaring to them what the Roman General Pompey stated to the magistrates of Messana – “Stop quoting laws to us, we carry swords!”

A pdf file of this article is available here.

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