Debt, Dependency and the American Education Industry

In America today, everyone thinks you should just go to college after you’re done with high school. Parents just assume it is their duty to make sure their child goes off to the university. Very little thought goes into this decision, other than which university.

I want to proffer the idea that maybe one should not go to college at all. Statistically, over 65% of college graduates never use the degree they received when they go out to work in the real world. In order to get their degree, the average college graduate accumulates $24,000.00 of debt. The debt for those who go on to graduate studies is routinely well over $100,000.00.

How can it be wise to start off one’s life tens of thousands of dollars in debt, especially for a piece of paper which – statistically – you’re probably not going to use? The Bible repeatedly exhorts us to avoid debt (Prov. 22:7; Rom. 13:8; etc).

Christians need to end the “I gotta go to college; I gotta find a job” mentality. Most people walk around with the “I gotta go to college; I gotta find a job” mentality because they have no self-initiative. They’d rather be led around by the nose and hand all their life by society, rather than strike out on their own and risk making something of themselves.

They like living in a nation addicted to mediocrity. They like going-along to get-along. They like the comfort, ease, and wealth that the system has created, namely, go to college; get a good paying job; live my life out in self-centered fatness – and leave no mark on the earth whatsoever that you were ever here.

The education industry in America wants you dependent on them. They want you to think you need them. “But the only way to get a good paying job in America is if you go and get a college degree” so says my critic. A fair trade I suppose – you get their degree so that you get paid well (supposedly) – if all you’re interested in is money. You only have to trade your strength, your creativity, your independent thought, and your self- initiative for their comfort, ease, and wealth.

Do you know how old the youngest Pony Express rider was? Eleven years old. Many of them were teenagers. The education industry in America doesn’t like young people getting such notions. They want to perpetuate adolescence. They want to keep all young people in high school (a hundred years ago only 10% of the population attended high school) and now they want to keep all young people in college for another four years (when I was growing up in the 1960s, only 10% of Americans went to college, now 63% attend).

The result is perpetual adolescence. Young people ever learning (playing), but never coming to manhood or womanhood. Because of the ‘system,’ young people do not take on responsibility and mature.

Because of this newly created extension of childhood (called adolescence), teenagers in most homes do not have any significant productive role in the family or in the wider general economy. This creates an “identity crisis.” Their biological maturity is not matched by any social maturity. They are denied the maturation process, denied responsibility, and are left in a no-man’s land between childhood and adulthood, as their “education” goes on ad nauseam.

I always tell my children, “If you’re not called into the ministry, then build your own business.” Avoid debt in doing so. If you’re thinking, “Oh, but how can I do that?” the education industry has already made you into the helpless waif they want you to become.

Christians need to oppose State licensure for various jobs/trades. Christians need to set the standard in academia and give up the golden calf of State accreditation. Christian families and churches need to equip, instruct, and motivate Christian young people to enter the business world, rather than just the social-engineering of the college world.

Finally, Christian parents need to quit just assuming God wants their little Johnny or Jessica to go off to college and make good money. When I was young, we put our faces low to the ground and cried out to the Lord, asking Him what He wanted us to do with our lives. This is what is of paramount importance.

Find a pdf of this articel here.

To hear a sermon for young people on seeking the will of God entitled “The Ill Affects of Perpetual Adolescence Upon American Society.”, click here. 

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  1. TheWorldHasBeenHijackedByTheMasonicCultJune 26, 2018

    It is a shame that kids are sent off to the Rockefeller public schools and brainwashed into being state dependent mind-control slaves and then they go into debt with the fraud of getting a college education.


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